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What ROI to expect from investing in Undercarriage Inspections on your jobsite

Investing in the implementation and use of Undercarriage Inspection Management Software needs to provide a return on investment. Undercarriage can make up more than 50% of the maintenance costs of a machine. Therefore managing undercarriage has the potential for large savings. How is the ROI measured:- Undercarriage Inspections guarantee better undercarriage life performance. Fleets of …

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"Undercarriage Inspections provide multiple Benefits for Fleet Managers"

Inspecting and Managing Undercarriage increases cashflow, profitability and improves Maintenance Scheduling

Undercarriage Inspections involve measuring each component using diferent tools and then using formula to calculate the % worn of the undercarriage components and the condition of the Undercarriage System. The percent worn of the component wear surface is then used to calculate the remaining life on each of the components. This can be added to …

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Undercarriage Budgets set the Scene

Every Undercarriage has a budget or target life it is expected to live within a specific environment. This budget can be affected by Changes to the specific Environment Weather patterns for the year The Inspection regime identifying intervention maintenance required Budgets however perform a far more important role. They identify which machines undercarriage components are …

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The most important Undercarriage Inspection is often missed

The most important Undercarriage Inspection is the End-of-Life inspection where the undercarriage components have reached the end of their useful life. This vitally important inspection is typically missed by most inspectors. So why is this inspection and the data so valuable. Undercarriage residual life is normally determined through inspection where the measurement of the remaining …

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"Undercarriage Inspections have a cost, but its the value gained which is far more important"

The cost of Undercarriage Inspections and $ value gained

Undercarriage Inspections are not as common as Oil Sampling yet, but they are just as important. Every activity has a cost and a potential value added. Take and Oil Sample on an engine. Take all the oil samples over the life of the engine and full life can be achieved instead of a catastrophic failure …

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