Try TrackTreads. A cloud based undercarriage management solution.

Undercarriage costs make up more than 50% of your machine maintenance costs.
TrackTreads gives you the ability to manage your undercarriageĀ andĀ controlĀ these costs.

What is TrackTreads?
TrackTreads is a complete software solution for managing a machines undercarriage. It provides a repository of your undercarriage inspection data, an inventory management system to ensure you are always ready when replacements are due, a scheduling system to ensure your machines are inspected when due, enables you to analyse component life performance and compare various makes, a full help centre with training material and videos for using both the software and general undercarriage advice, and so much more!
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Perform Undercarriage Inspections
Measurements are taken on components that make up the undercarriage using our state of the art mobile application and an ultrasonic measuring tool. This data is used to calculate how worn out these components are. We can provide training for your team.
Experts Review The Data
Your undercarriage data is sent to our servers in the cloud where undercarriage specialists can review the readings and provide recommendations to you on the best action to take.
Take Action Using Recommendations
Using the results and recommendations from our undercarriage specialists, you will be able to take actions intended to keep your machine operational for longer, keep your components in an acceptable condition, ensure maintenance occurs only when necessary, and achieve minimal downtime with maintenance by forecasting component life.

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