GET Improvements

  • Moved all images previously stored in database to new S3 environment and stored in 5 different formats. This has only been completed in the GET project. Will be migrated into Undercarriage in version 8.8
  • Built new Telerik report for Tray’s. New report allows selection and display of Speedometer graphs and Overall Images with Wear Patterns
  • Reports – Built new Telerik report for Buckets, with same functionality for Trays and previous HiQue report
  • Implement Details Screen – Add ability to upload/download PDF document against an inspection – this could be a outside crack analysis report
  • GET Dashboard – Added a column for Total Life, last inspection, next forecasted inspection date
  • Asset Details – Added column to indicate whether component is critical, not critical or GET
  • Implement Details screen – Added columns for Residual Life at 120% worn
  • Copying Schematics functionality improved
  • Fixed bug with modifying Observation Point, Question, Obs. Pt. Type
  • Added some improvements to the layout of the GET Mobile input screens
  • Toggle icon between tabular and image in top right of screen
  • Colour legend to include crack status selections
  • Add icon to display menu of component selection for adding observation Pt readings
  • Ensure Flag on screen is either black or Red. When red, should display against observation point in Asset Details Screen.
  • Ensure different observation types is working correctly – Measurement, Evaluations and Text Options

Undercarriage Reporting Improvements

  • Made further improvements to the Undercarriage Telerik report to handle when images are not present and branding
  • Emailing report improvements to handle larger sizes and images
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