How useful would it be to have the previous inspection results displayed when completing the current undercarriage inspection and measurements.

The screenshot seen below is the TrackTreads mobile application used for recording undercarriage inspection results in the field. The previous inspections results are displayed below each component including the tool used, actual measurement and percentage worn.

Mobile App displaying histroical inspection data

Undercarriage Mobile App


This data benefits the inspector for the following reasons:-
1. Consistency in method of measuring by ensuring the same tool is used on the specific component as the previous inspection.
2. Previous measurement compared to the current inspection result highlights the difference between the readings and the amount of wear since the previous inspection.
3. Allows the inspector to identify any significant increase in the component wear rate.
4. Enables identification of components that have been changed.

All of the above points lead to increased accuracy of the data being collected ensuring better results for management decision making.