Overall mining productivity has risen 2.8% per year from 2014 to 2016 according to McKinsey research. These improvements will become harder to sustain with new challenges facing mining companies (costs of labour, environmental concerns, depth of mines etc..). But technology can enable the continuity in productivity improvements. The challenge facing many mine sites is, how to successfully embrace new technologies and their improvements in productivity and cost savings. There needs to be 3 drivers incorporated in any new technology adoption:

  1. Harness at all levels of the organisation, the selected technology that will address the challenges of productivity and cost savings.
  2. Change the management and work processes to incorporate the technology.
  3. Change the culture and skill sets to understand and operate the new technologies, and also to become more responsive and agile by utilizing the technology and the benefits it brings.
Embracing Technology to make productivity leaps

Tech enabled transformation is a journey for every mine site and there is no silver bullet to be applied as a template to all jobsites. Every company needs to take their own journey in order to remain competitive within its industry.

Management of Undercarriage Inspections along with forecasts of residual life and recommendations of corrective actions to extend component life are critical to reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Planners observing current condition and recommended corrective actions can plan maintenance downtime and ensure replacement parts are scheduled to be available

Managing the undercarriage components to achieve the maximum possible life of the system reduces the overall cost of the system significantly.

The technology for efficient Management of Undercarriage is here and should become integral to every mines overall business process.

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