TrackTreads reached a new milestone helping one of our customers achieve 125% of their sales budget. Undercarriage Inspections highlight undercarriage components needing repair or replacement, providing a ready source of revenue.

Our customers utilizing the TrackTreads Undercarriage Inspection system to inspect any make or model of tracked machine, utilizing OEM wear limits as the standard, can identify components reaching end of life or to highlight components showing elevated wear rates. The systems extra observations feature enables other areas of the machine to be examined and where possible further opportunities for sales of replacement components or repairs to be quoted.

Every Inspection is a potential source of revenue

On average at least 50% of machines inspected give rise to sales opportunities. This is the reason our customers can not only achieve their budgeted sales but exceed them! This also highlights stock requirements so having the items in stock in the right location when the customer requires replacement and or repairs.

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