If you have a fleet of Heavy Equipment that includes Tracked Machines, there will be a line item on the income statement that includes the cost of replacement undercarriage components.

The question would be, is that number fair and reasonable?

  • Managing your undercarriage would be one way to determine if this number is fair
  • Another would be comparing the average life achieved on your components and cost per hour against the industry average
Prior year figures are not a benchmark

The benchmark is the average life achieved to 100% worn within the industry for a given working environment type or ground conditions and then the cost per hour being achieved. The average is calculated from multiple machines of the same model in the same type of environment measured over a long period of time.

Typical factors that reduce the life of components

  • Incorrect choice of components for environment – leads to increased wear rate of components
  • Changing components too early – not achieving full life of the components
  • Changing components too late – thus damaging surrounding components and structure
  • Quickly identifying operator techniques – that can lead to premature wear such as spinning tracks, fast reversing.
  • The most important – incorrect Track Tension

Next time we will talk about what constitutes Managing Undercarriage

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