Marketing the benefits of your Buckets and Trays can be strengthened with numbers of actual performance from the field. The bucket or tray has a certain capacity, but the difference between competitive products will come down to:-

  • The life it can achieve in hours
  • The Total BCM/Tonnes it moves in each life cycle
  • How many times it can be rebuilt after each life cycle
  • The amount of cracking repairs required to be welded for each life cycle
  • How well the GET performs measured in Cost/Hour or Cost per Ton, Cost per BCM

The above numbers can only be gathered by continual inspection and management of the bucket or Tray across its entire life. Repeating this multiple times across different mining environments then provides a wealth of data which provides a testimonial of performance of your product in given mining environments and provides prospective customers with reasonable certainty of the cost and performance they can expect to achieve.

Once a client has taken your product, the system used to manage the bucket or Tray to capture inspections, rebuilds, GET usage will then provide the customer with a baseline for comparative performance of the bucket or Tray and ensure they are achieving the value they have been sold.