The task of Reliability Engineers and planners for the mine-site is to plan and schedule maintenance and repairs to the mobile equipment in order for the equipment to achieve as much uptime as possible for the least amount of cost. This is an extremely complex task requiring the planners to balance many competing variables such as production schedules, workshop and mechanic availability and schedules, replacement part availability amongst others. Some system tools can make this task a little easier, such as digitized Pre-Repair inspections.

These inspections allow inspectors to go into the field and perform an inspection on the equipment following certain pre-set observation cue’s, this might include visible oil leaks on hydraulic lines and cylinders, magnetic plug review, pin and bush movement etc. A fleet of trucks can be inspected daily or weekly with the results digitally collected and accumulated, available to the Reliability Team to assess.

There is a lot of truth in the old adage “You cannot manage what you cannot Measure”.

Digitising your inspections and providing these tools to the field inspectors, makes the process efficient.

Contact TrackTreads if you are looking to Digitise your heavy Mobile earthmoving Equipment Inspections.


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