Digitizing your field inspections

Moving Structural and Mechanical Inspections from paper-based forms and spreadsheets to a Digital version of the same form running on a phone or tablet, and allowing the same questions to be answered with measurements, images and comments provides many benefits and challenges to name a few

  • Data Quality improves – data accuracy and consistency improve using a standard digital inspection format including data validation on input along with previous inspection record to assist the inspector reviewing the current input.
  • Data is in Real time – responses recorded digitally via tablet or phone immediately create a system record generating analysis and potential alerts.
  • Digital Records will not be lost – Digitised forms unlike paper will not be lost, soiled, or filed never to be seen again. They create the basis of historical trends to be analysed to provide future forecasts.
  • Data transcription is reduced – the digital record created becomes the direct input to reports and multiple calculations. The record no longer requires transcription thus freeing up time to perform more important activities thus improving overall accuracy and increasing decision appropriateness. Most importantly, it saves time!
  • Complex Data is Automatically calculated – the data being calculated is passed through complex data calculations and limits to arrive at results consistently and without human intervention. These are database tasks not easily achieved consistently in spreadsheets

The TrackTreads Team helps Mining and Construction companies operating large mobile fleets to move from paper-based forms and spreadsheets for Mechanical and Structural Reliability inspections to digitally enabled field inspections.

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