How do I start implementing an Undercarriage Monitoring Program? – TRAINING!

As with all improvements once you have identified what to change, sometimes how to start moving in the right direction can be a little more challenging.

Undercarriage inspections do not need to be complicated or difficult. Knowledge can be gained through training and support information. TrackTreads can provide both! This enables managers of fleets to be able to measure and complete undercarriage inspections to a reasonable level of competency, and once this is implemented the savings will speak for themselves.

Inspections done by contractors or specialists can be imported via an api (a fully automated daily process) or .csv extract. These inspections can then be supplemented with basic inspections and recording actions in the field and passing the information through to your trusted supplier. Working together will give you the best possible worn percentages and the highest return on your investment.

TrackTreads has a customer support team – who have all spent time out in the workshop and field measuring undercarriage and rest assured, if they do not know the answer – they know someone who does. New components – not a worry we can calculate the life left.

If you are out in the field and looking for answers but do not want to call or email us, we have the following online resources available online.

  • Training Centre – complete with videos and short courses you can complete and perform refreshers.
  • Help Centre – with Frequently Asked Questions, Documentation you can download.
  • System training – through the system to give you tips and tricks, just look for the little Information with solid fill

It’s the old 80/20 rule – The idea is that out of your entire fleet, focusing on 20% will result in 80% of the impact you can create.