Rebuilding worn out Undercarriage Frames provides each frame with a new lease of life. The frames arrive worn out and cracked.

  • They are stripped down to the bare minimum

Each disassembled part is measured, and assessed to determine whether it can be refurbished or needs replacing

  • Cracks are identified, gouged out and then re-welded
  • Bores are measured and if out of specification, weld material is added back before being rebored to the correct specification
  • Worn out Components are replaced with new
  • All dimensions and specifications are re-checked
  • The entire Frame is painted to look like new
  • The frame is then ready to ship back to the client to work another life on a Dozer

All tasks are recorded with hours and costs within the TrackTreads system with a concise PDF report being issued upon completion for the client.

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