All subjects are a mystery until studied in more detail. The more the subject is studied, discussed and experienced, the greater the number of subject matter experts. On a typical mine site, you will find many different subject matter experts, Tire experts, Planning experts, Drilling and Blasting experts, Operations experts and so on. Among all these experts, how many Undercarriage subject matter experts are there on these jobsites? The answer is all too often none.
Undercarriage represents an extremely large percentage of machine cost, so there should be at least one Undercarriage subject matter expert on every site.

TrackTreads is addressing this by holding Undercarriage Training Workshops at the different mining centres around the world. This will take the form of pre-planned presentation, followed by questions and answer discussion forums with Undercarriage Technical experts. Some of the subjects to be considered in the inaugural workshop are as follows: –

  1. A Brief History of Undercarriage
  2. Types of Undercarriage lubricated, PPR, Heavy duty, grease track, Shovel
  3. Undercarriage Wear – un-controllable variables
  4. Undercarriage Wear – Controllable variables
  5. Undercarriage Inspection requirements
  6. General observations at Inspections
  7. Undercarriage Costing and cost per hour calculation and analysis
  8. Levels of Undercarriage Management Sophistication

Further subjects will be added based on user feedback and requests.

Invites will be sent out to TrackTreads customers and other interested parties who want to gain improved undercarriage knowledge, and share thoughts and experiences with similarly skilled people across different companies in mining and construction.

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