A single Mobile App. Operating remotely, allows inspectors to focus on specialized areas of Track, Blade and Bucket GET inspections as well as any other area requiring measuring and observations.

Wear material on the components being measured includes surface hardening and treatment, hence the increased cost. Inspecting and managing these components thereby ensures that full life can be achieved from the components. Any accelerated wear will be identified quickly, and corrective action taken. This will save many dollars.

Once the inspections are completed, the inspection data and images can be synced directly to the Web Application for further analysis and reporting. Here, corrective actions can be identified and highlighted in the PDF report that is issued.

Corrective Actions can automatically be raised as work orders and scheduled by transferring the data directly through API’s to in-house business systems. This process means that a complex area of inspection and management, can be integrated into into any business so as to obtain the time savings and increased efficiency.