Pure Undercarriage Management

The TrackTreads Wear Management Software System is used for managing inspections on:-

  • Undercarriage
  • GET and Bucket’s including Dump Bodies
  • Welded Structures

Inspection data captured in the field with mobile phones – Measurements, images, comments and observations are captured using ordinary mobile phones, with functions to help the inspector understand the current observations relative to the limits and previous inspection readings.

Data seamlessly syncs with the web – on inspection completion, all data is synced automatically with the web platform. No further work required. This save hours of preparation time and ensures accurate calculation of % worn using OEM specifications and residual life.

PDF Report created with complete Undercarriage condition and residual life forecast – Report can be emailed directly to the recipients showing complete condition of the undercarriage along with life lived and residual life remaining, displayed graphically and in tabular format, along with all images and comments.

NEW FUNCTION: Replacement and Repairs entered back in time – any repair or replacement can be recorded for the undercarriage whether now or 6 months previously, even if inspections have been completed since. This now creates a full picture over the life of the undercarriage. It makes both the inspection process and recording of replacements simple and easy!

The inclusion of this functionality allows the undercarriage life to be tracked accurately so that hours on the undercarriage, costs, repair hours can be tracked accurately to give a true indication of the undercarriage performance. This can then be compared across different undercarriage.